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The Best Marble and Wood Coffee Table, For Less



Posted on January 27 2018

I wanted a marble coffee table but I did not want to pay the premium, upwards of $300. After a visiting a few stores and searching online I found my answer, the Sauder coffee table with a faux marble and walnut finish for just $70. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive with great pictures to attest to the value. When my table arrived I was not disappointed and a year later I can definitely say this is the best faux marble and wood coffee table for less. Here are 3 reason to support it!

3 Reasons this is the Best Marble and Wood Coffee Table, for less

1. Durable, Lightweight, and Well Made

I have to move this table constantly to shoot new products. Consistent pushing, pulling, or dragging and the table has remained in excellent shape. I do not recommend anyone be as hard on their coffee table as I am on mine, but it makes me feel great that this table has held up so well. 

2. Serves as a Backdrop for Photos

Want to get the perfect 'lay flat' photo without leaving your house or buying new materials, this table is your answer. The glossy finish and marble detail provides a chic option for a photo background.

3. Incorporates well with Other Furniture

This table has paired well with the various scenarios I have thrown at it. Most of my products have been full of color and the muted palette of the table makes it really easy blend in. This includes furniture styles as well. The table could compliment your mid-century theme today and your modern glam tomorrow.

As you shop to fill your home with the pieces you love I hope this helps you in your journey. In my opinion, this is the best marble and wood coffee table for less. I wanted to be sure to share this with you all because I believe it is important to know that style and functionality does not have to come at an expensive price. Creating an effortless home is about filling it with the things that speak to you the most, not about what cost the most.



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