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Home Decor Trends for Fall 2018 and 2019



Posted on August 27 2018

There are some things you can’t afford to mess up heading into 2019 and your home decor is one of them. The home decor and design play a huge role in portraying what you are all about and your style preferences.

It is paramount to choose the latest and up to date trends when decorating your home so as not to appear out of vogue and archaic. The top fall 2018 and 2019 Home Decor trends has come up over and over again, with some truly amazing home decor trends and while some old styles have been revamped to be made new and refreshing new designs have made their ways into the reckoning.

Looking for the trending home decoration styles leading into 2019? Let’s show you a few.

  • Color Oriented Designs

A lot of the trending designs in 2018 have paid alot of attention to color and we believe this will continue. People are more aware when it comes to choosing the right pigments. The colors have become bolder and braver this year. From the furniture to the interior walls, folks have truly gone out with a bang in choosing daring colors to reflect their styles and mood.

  • Handcrafted Pieces

2018 has given rise to a formerly forgotten mode of interior decoration. Since people are realizing how important it is to fill spaces in their homes, they are reverting to handcrafted pieces of artwork to give their homes a facelift. Handmade artworks like wooden bowls, woven artworks, terracotta, etc. are becoming more relevant and useful in home decorations and on top of the list of decor trends for 2019.



  • Extensive Wallpaper Use

The use of wallpaper in decorating and bringing color to your home is not a new thing but it has been taken to a new level in 2018. Wallpapers are not restricted to the vertical walls any longer. Now they are used for ceiling walls and even on some choice furniture to add color and beauty to the house.

  • Vintage Lighting

Another interior decoration trend of fall 2018 and 2019 is the use of vintage lighting from the past to add a new and refreshing look to the house. We all love throwing back at some point and 2018 has brought back some of the beautiful lighting of the past to make our spaces much more attractive.

  • Statement Sofas

A lot of people are going for sofas that are emphatic, exotic and makes a lot of statement in 2018. Since sofas are probably the most important piece of furniture in your home, it is very important for you to make exquisite and stylish statements with them by using them to occupy your living room spaces. Investing in a statement sofa will definitely be a hot topic in 2019.

Making great statements with what the fall 2018 and 2019 Home Decor Trends is very important. It is pertinent to combine colors, artworks and designs to make your spaces truly exciting.



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    This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic.A lot of the trending designs in 2018 have paid alot of attention to color and we believe this will continue. People are more aware when it comes to choosing the right pigments.

    Posted by house painting auckland | May 01, 2019
  • Comment author

    Great article. I’ve also noticed that natural decor and eco-friendly decor is growing popularity for 2019.

    Posted by Kristall Spaces | January 29, 2019
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    Wow, these are some great design ideas! Another look that could make any of these pieces pop is a nice neutral gray! Here’s some inspiration! https://www.tishflooring.com/2018/07/get-on-board-with-gray/

    Posted by Lorraine Ball | November 15, 2018
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