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Posted on December 21 2017


I am excited that you have stopped by to check out the store and potentially find the next piece that will help you craft your effortless home story. As with any welcome post, I wanted to give our customers an additional peak into how Effortless Composition came about, more about myself, and what to expect from us in the months to come.

To start, I guess you could say I haven’t had the typical path of someone in the home décor business, I did not start out as an interior designer or décor buyer. My career background is in finance & accounting, and while I absolutely love the path that I chose, I often struggled with connecting my passions to my profession. Throughout the years I have noticed I am the best version of myself when I am tapping into those passions, which are serving my community and utilizing my creative ‘eye’. 

During my first go round at addressing those, I launched a blog called *drum roll* Effortless Composition. It was a style and business blog with the sole purpose of providing style inspiration, business casual/casual, and using the platform to provide finance tips that I wish I knew coming from the inner city. I came up with the name to capture how I would classify my approach to style and the idea of doing both a fashion blog and business on the same platform. The process allowed me to connect with some amazing women and learn more about how I wanted to use my gifts to make an impact. What I lacked during this period was the direct contact of the young women that I was trying to reach and even more so, patience. I constantly experienced periods of self-doubt and frustration because I felt like the tools that I wanted to provide weren’t landing in the hands of my target audience.After a period of self-reflection, I decided to stop blogging, accepting the idea that the path I had invested a ton of time in wasn’t going to work for me long term.  Not long after I knew that was the right decision, as I didn’t feel any guilt or sadness, which meant there was something greater to come and that period was setting me up for my next venture.

Once this idea manifested and I said yes, I thought of how I could use a home décor store to empower the community. After researching key décor brand and founders it became evident in how my company could do this. I noticed it was difficult to find people of color represented as founders, décor makers, or décor business owners. I also noticed how many brands were really focused on empowering poverty-stricken communities outside of the US, and how it would be so special if I could do the same here, where I grew up. The more I researched the more I found where I could serve a need, be creative, and add value.

Today, Effortless Composition is just beginning and I couldn’t be more excited. My aim is to share my approach to home decorating by providing functional and unique items that do not skimp on quality and help your build the story of your space. In the process, I hope the goods that are made by the local artisans we partner with bring joy and empowerment to their lives at home.



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    Where do I sign up for emails about specials, sales, clearance and new products? Also, do you have a wish list for customers to save what they like until ready to purchase?
    Thank you, Darlene

    Posted by Darlene | January 30, 2018
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    Congratulations I love your collection. I am so very proud of you following your dream. I am looking forward to making several purchases to decorate my home.

    Posted by Valerie B Bostick | December 29, 2017
  • Comment author

    Brittiny I’m so proud of you good luck in your new journey, and many blessings in the new year!

    Posted by Maria Dent | December 26, 2017
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