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What Does Happy Look Like?



Posted on February 25 2018

If you were to design a home that looked 'happy' what would it include? What color would you paint the walls? What kind of decor would you have? 

I recently read an excerpt from The New Bohemians Handbook by Justina Blakeney and one of the first request she got from a client was to design a home that felt like 'love'. This concept intrigued me because I could relate and I was in awe of how the simple concept could mean so much. Sidenote: if you haven't read the book I definitely think it is worth getting.  Sometimes you can get caught up in a ton of things when decorating your home but, what if we just stuck with our gut. The process would probably be a lot less stressful and produce more favorable results. 

So, I picked a word that a vast majority could relate to when it comes to the vibes we want in our home, happy, and collected a few examples. This exercise allowed me to consider what triggered happy emotions and to look at my own home to see if I could find the same type of decor or styling. 

See what happy looks like to me below, all photos are linked to my pinterest account with photo credits and other awesome inspiration.

After a hour or so of pinning it was pretty obvious to me what triggered happy vibes, your girl loves her color (pink). I was actually surprised because I could feel what just felt 'pretty' versus what really felt gut HAPPY.  I studied the photos  and looked for similarities, then did the same with my own space. It allowed me to find the happy in my own space again by shinning a light on the little things I tend to look over. It also made me think about things that I could add that might bring more of those happy vibes that I enjoy. 


I would definitely encourage you to do this exercise for your own space when considering what you need to give you that certain feeling. Browse through our current selection to see what sparks the gut feeling for you here.



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