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Find Your Wall Style

Curated in Color

Black and white imagery gives your wall a cohesive look, almost like something out of a gallery.

Organic Family

Opting for neutral frames will deliver the farmhouse modern feel everyone dreams of.

Off The Grid

A symmetrical display that skips out on boring and brings the vibrancy.

Ledge Love

Try displaying your collection on ledges when you need extra room or like to swap often.

How To: Keep it Curated

These curated styles make it simple to bring your personal visions to life.

1. Start by gathering your favorite black and white photography.

2. Choose frames that tap into your gallery aesthetic -think clear frames,shadow boxes, and of course matte black.

3. Don't stop at photographs and images, consider an interesting mirror to add a striking distinction in the mix.

How To: Keep it Organic

Natural wood tones can make your home feel warm and inviting, give organic walls a try.

1.You are in luck, natural wood tones are in right now! Grab a couple of different sized wood frames to get going.

2. Choose imagery that is a bit off the grid, just because you enjoy the farmhouse trend doesn't mean your options are limited. 

3. Surround your gallery walls with lush greens.

How To: Grid It

The easiest way to do a gallery wall is go with the grid. The symmetry is striking.

1. Use blue tape to get the perfect measurements and placement. The most important thing about the grid is getting the proportions and measurement right.

2. Using the same image is not a bad idea, if you find one you love, use it.

3. The key to pulling off the grid is consistency, buy the same frames.

How To: Get Ledge Love

Using ledges is a great option if you like to frequently change your wall decor. Try integrating them into you gallery wall decor.

1. The number of ledges you choose to integrate is up to you. Try getting different sizes to keep in interesting.

2. Consider playing around with statement making proportions, using a ledge is a great way to get larger art on the wall.

3. Add in a few small goods like mini vases to incorporate various textural elements.