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5 Ways To Feel Good at Home



Posted on January 20 2018

How do you feel in your HOME

Happy? Sad? Free? Confined? Heavy? Relaxed?

I think this is one of the most important questions that one can ask. To most, home represents solitude and peace, but I also think the importance of how your home makes you feel can easily be overlooked. When I started Effortless Composition I had a few goals, one is to empower others to create a space that is filled with items they love. Investing in your home to create a space that brings you peace and happiness versus confinement is key to a happier life. 

Here 5 Ways You Can Feel Good at Home

1. Get Rid of Everything That Brings you Down

Take a look around your space, anything that makes you roll your eyes should be considered for the chopping block. Pictures of ex-loves, old/tired furniture, or the TV, if it doesn't bring you up it should be taken down to the trash. For some, everything in their house makes them unhappy and most people do not have the funds to just start over. I am not suggesting you do it all at once, but it is important to start. Start with the thing that is serving you the least and take baby steps until its done. 

2. Incorporate Storage to Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter often makes us feel confined and heavy, a few things our spirits do not need. Try investing in a few storage containers to hide everyday household items. This can grant you some floor and/or counter space, and eventually some mental space. Keeping it clean goes hand it hand with this, but you already knew that.

3. Accept Where You Are and Where You May be Going

Instead of always wishing your space was bigger or something else, embrace it. Instead of dwelling because you may not be able to up and leave just yet, focus on where you are and how to get to where you want to be. Most of the time their is a bit of joy in every situation and its important to find it and hold onto it. Uplifting yourself out of a negative space mentally will help your space feel better physically.

4. Make it Smell GREAT

Every time I walk into my house and it smells good, I sigh a bit, a happy sigh of course. Incorporate scents that are light and not too overpowering, it would be a small surprise each time you walk in. Good scents are a little hard to find so I dropped a few recommendations below, I can personally voucher for all of these!




5. Fill it with Stuff you Love and Need

Your house, room, apartment, or whatever should be filled with items you love and need. Get rid of or store the stuff you bought just because it was cool or you used to love it. I would also recommend you consistently assess the items you have for need, this will help control any clutter that may pile up. Reality is we typically love a lot of things, so assessing need is sometimes a requirement. 

After that, I hope your one step closer to being in complete bliss when you are at home. If you need inspiration make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on some of our social media accounts. Over on pinterest we have a variety of boards that cover decor for your bachelor pad to your bohemian abode. On instragram, you can find inspiration from my home and our lifestyle images which highlight how to incorporate our products.



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